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Co-authored with James Patterson

Laugh Out Loud

Jimmy loves reading so much that he's inspired to start his own book company—as marvelous and fun as Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. It's a big dream for a twelve-year-old boy—some would even say it's laugh-out-loud ridiculous! But Jimmy's doubters soon learn that he's not the kind of kid who gives up easily.

First he needs a name—maybe "The Nile"? Hey, a river name worked for Amazon! Jimmy could also use some good advice and lots of money, but his workaholic parents are too busy to help and the people at the bank laughed him out of the building (where the pigeons also had a few chuckles). Even his English teacher said a company founded by a kid was pure fantasy. What's a kid to do?

In this hilariously self-aware story filled with self-referential jokes about their own books, James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein show young readers that anything can be achieved if you believe in yourself no matter what!

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