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Wonderland Dance Video

How'd you like to show everybody your smooth monkey dance moves?

Chris Grabenstein is putting together a wacky dance video to celebrate the launch of his second WELCOME TO WONDERLAND book: BEACH PARTY SURF MONKEY.

All you have to do is shoot some video of you and your friends dancing to the track. (Hold your phone horizontal for the wide screen shot, please!) Here's a link to the music (as an MP3 and on video where Chris and Surf Monkey monkey around) and the lyrics (so you can plan out your smooth monkey moves). You can also watch author Chris Grabenstein demonstrating the monkey dance moves here:

Wonderland Dance Video

Send your video clips to author@ChrisGrabenstein.com and be sure to write SURF MONKEY DANCE VIDEO in the subject line.

The best dance moves will be cut together for the official WELCOME TO WONDERLAND: BEACH PARTY SURF MONKEY book trailer.

By submitting an entry, you are granting Chris Grabenstein permission to use your likeness and dance moves in his book trailer.