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All the Evil Icklebys!

Meet the deadly departed souls locked inside the Ickleby Family Crypt—all of them hoping for a "hall pass" on Halloween night!

Eddie Boy Ickleby—died 1979
Gunned down in convenience store stickup gone bad.

Paulie Ickleby—died 1959
Used to run with Mad Dog Murphy.

"Crazy" Izzy Ickleby—died 1939
Notorious mobster. Al Capone gave him his nickname.

Rilke Ickleby—died 1919
Killed his wife; on three separate occasions.

Cornelius Ickleby—Died 1899
Railroad tycoon infamous for tying
young women to the tracks.

Bad Bart Ickleby—Died 1879
Riverboat gambler who died with five aces up his sleeve.

Hornus Ickleby—died 1869
Notorious carpetbagger and hornswoggler.

Pie Eyes Ickleby—Died 1849
Rushed to California to steal gold from miners.

Webley Ickleby—died 1829
Wrote dark, brooding poetry about his evil deeds.

Thomas Ickleby—died 1809
Cheated at cards, including the 1788 edition of UNO.

Silas Ickleby—died 1789
Hung out with Benedict Arnold.

Lucius Ickleby—died 1769
Known as the "Dandy Bandit." Dueled any man
who dared laugh at his hairdo.

The Goodly Barnabus Ickleby—died 1749

The notorious Highwayman known as JACK THE LANTERN
who terrorized New England for the first half of the 1700s.