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Curiosity Cat

Fun Production Ideas!

tiny cat Raise Money For Animal Rescue Charities!

tiger lilly
Tiger Lilly—Chris's inspiration for Curiosity Cat—was adopted from an animal rescue group in New York City!

tiny cat Have a Book And Bake sale for The Drama Club!

book & bake sale
Schools can get copies of The Demons' Door—the book about a haunted production of Curiosity Cat—at a 40 per cent discount. Bake up batches of dog and cat sugar cookies and raise funds for your next production.

tiny cat Help a stray find its home!

Invite local animal rescue groups to bring adoptable cats and (quiet) dogs to the lobby before and after the show. Because there are no such things as strays, there are only those who have not yet found their home!

Parker, another one of Chris's cats adopted from an animal rescue group, says, "Thanks!"