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Reischer and Rattner

Here's a fun way for kids to do a Biography Project, courtesy of Stacey Rattner (Librarian) and Sid Reischer (5th grade teacher) at Castleton Elementary School in upstate New York.

The premise? Mr. Lemoncello is holding a contest to find new exhibits for his library. The winners will be announced at a Gala Event, just as grand as the one in the book at the Parker House Hotel the night of the Lemoncello Library Lock-In.

Hi Chris...

I wanted to share with you our latest incarnation of Mr. Lemoncello in our fifth grade ELA classes. We are SO excited!

For several years, my collaborating fifth grade teacher, Sid Reischer, and I have worked together on a biography project, which we called, The Phenomenal People Project. Students were allowed to choose to research anyone who they deemed "phenomenal". You can only imagine whom they selected.

This year we wanted to make it more meaningful and have found over 100 individuals who have truly made a remarkable difference in the world from all walks of life (inventors, world leaders, artists, athletes, scientists, etc.).

On Monday we will be introducing the project to our 75 fifth graders. We are telling them that Mr. Lemoncello is opening up a new wing of his library. The exhibits that will be selected for the new wing will be chosen based on a student contest (our project assignment). Our students will be researching their individuals and then, in the spirit of Mr. Lemoncello, create an amazing, creative, unique exhibit that demonstrates how this person has made a difference.

Stacey Rattner

 Some of the fun exhibits...and live performances!

Mr. Lemoncello Gala

 Here's what their assignment flyer looked like...

Mr. Lemoncello Gala

 The program for their Gala...

Mr. Lemoncello Gala

 And the great reaction to the event!

Mr. Lemoncello Gala
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