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Demons’ Door

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Haunted Mystery Series

The Demons’ Door

Book 2

Originally published as The Hanging Hill

2011 Agatha Award Winner (Best Children’s/Young Adult Novel)


How serious is stage fright?

Well, at the Hanging Hill Playhouse, it can kill you!

Meet Zack and Judy Jennings. Just your average ghost-seeing kid and his famous-author stepmother. Off to enjoy a relaxing summer at a theater doing a production of Curiosity Cat based on Judy’s books.

But the director has another show in mind, and that production requires a child born under a full moon. A child who might not survive opening night.

And Zack? He was born under a full moon.

Once again, Chris Grabenstein provides a generous serving of sidesplitting laughs and lie-awake-at-night chills as Zack realizes that surviving the Crossroads was just the beginning of his ghost troubles.

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Haunted Mysteries Series

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