Haunted Mystery Series:

The Demons’ Door

Book 2

Originally published as The Hanging Hill

The Smartest Kid in the Universe by Chris Grabenstein

Middle Grade (9-13)
Random House, 2009

ISBN: 9781524765200


Haunted Mystery Series

The Demons’ Door

Book 2

Originally published as The Hanging Hill


2011 Agatha Award Winner (Best Children’s/Young Adult Novel)


How serious is stage fright?

Well, at the Hanging Hill Playhouse, it can kill you!

Meet Zack and Judy Jennings. Just your average ghost-seeing kid and his famous-author stepmother. Off to enjoy a relaxing summer at a theater doing a production of Curiosity Cat based on Judy’s books.

But the director has another show in mind, and that production requires a child born under a full moon. A child who might not survive opening night.

And Zack? He was born under a full moon.


“Readers will race through terse sentences and demonically paced chapters to reach the satisfying, Indiana Jones-like and, yes, thought-provoking ending—and they’ll be hanging on for the next installment.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“The story line is hauntingly delicious as the fully fleshed-out creepiness comes tempered with humor. It’s a throwback to the kids’ matinees of yore.”
—School Library Journal

“It’s a Grand Guignol mix of humor and horror, and another winner for Grabenstein.”
—Mystery Scene Magazine


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