Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library the Movie

Check out the Nickelodeon movie based on Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library! It’s fantabulous.

Now on Netflix!!

Download it from Amazon (just select the episode option, there is no “season”)

View the amazing trailer!

Kyle Keeley (Casey Simpson), Lemoncello’s biggest fan, his best friend Akimi (Breanna Yde), and “bookworm” Sierra (Klarke Pipkin) look on in amazement (or disgust?) at one of the wonders of the magical library.

The Fantasy Section begins to open, inviting a host of characters to escape into the library.

One does escape! It’s the Wicked Witch from the East (Breanna Watkins).

Kyle, Akimi, and Sierra are joined by “goofball” Andrew Peckleman (A.J. Luis Rivera Jr.) and Kyle’s rival, Charles Chiltington (Ty Nicolas Consiglio).

Scott McAboy (right) directs the TV movie, which began production in Vancouver in September 2016.

Chris had fun meeting the cast and visiting the set in Vancouver.

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