The Smartest Kid in the Universe: Genius Camp

Book 2

The Smartest Kid in the Universe by Chris Grabenstein
Middle Grade (8-12)
Random House, 2022

ISBN‏: ‎ 9780593301807


The Smartest Kid in the Universe

Genius Camp

Book 2


Jake McQuade is the smartest kid in the universe—and he’s back to defend his title! This time, he is heading off to a camp for geniuses sponsored by billionaire tech mogul (and brilliant inventor) Zane Zinkle.

But genius camp is not like regular camp. There are limo buses, robot polar bears, and high-tech cabins with high-tech toilets! And it isn’t all fun and brain games at camp, especially when Jake goes up against the artificially intelligent Virtuoso quantum computer—the smartest machine in the universe—which also happens to be Zinkle’s latest genius creation! It’s boy versus bot in this epic showdown packed with s’mores, puzzles, action, adventure, and hilarious, jelly bean-fueled fun. Bonus puzzle included!


“Chris Grabenstein just might be the smartest writer for kids in the universe”
—James Patterson


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