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Chris Grabenstein: Mr. Lemoncello's and the Titanium Ticket


Chris hid the names of real games, past and present into the text of Mr. Lemoncello and the Titanium Ticket. He thought he sprinkled in over six dozen. He was wrong. There were more. WAY more. In the book’s first year, August 2020-August 2021, he held a contest. The reader who found the most game names would have their name appear as a character in a new Chris Grabenstein books. Hundreds of readers entered. Rachel Christensen found more than anybody (even Chris): 550 different games!!! Look for Rachel Christensen as a character in an upcoming book.

The prize has been awarded but you can still play the word search game for fun. How many games can you find in the book?

And, if you want to check your work, here is Rachel Christensen’s list.

Meet the winner: Rachel Christensen

“My love of books began at the tender age of three when I started to learn to read. Some say books are just an extension of my face. When I’m not lost in a book, I’m often lost in my imagination. My daydreaming takes me on fantastical adventures in magical lands, even becoming a fictional character myself, so winning this contest is a dream come true. I’m joyful, and my faith is of the utmost importance. My home is on a mountainside in North Idaho where I enjoy the beautiful forests and lakes. I like writing stories, drawing, cooking, and playing both board and video games. I also love hanging out with my family and my kitties, Aslan and Jazzy.”

Chris Grabenstein: Mr. Lemoncello's and the Titanium Ticket

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