Mr. Lemoncello’s Library Olympics Extras

Inside Mr. Lemoncello’s Library:

Chris talks about writing and takes you behind the scenes of the book and movie in this 24-minute video.

Download the School & Library Brochure with Activities!

Play Library Olympics with Chris!

Play the Game!

Lemoncello Olympics banner

Now you can host a Lemoncello-style Olympic games!

Everything you need is available in downloadable PDF:

  • Suggested timeline and script
  • Themed suggestions for food, drink, music and decor
  • Four book-based Library Olympics Games
  • Reproducible Library Olympics participation certificates
  • Fun signs and banners
  • …and more!

To access these PDF files, you will need a special password (otherwise, all the players could find the answers to the word puzzle right here!). If you are a librarian, teacher, or adult organizing the game, just send an e-mail to Chris and he will send you the secret password.

If you’ve already done that step, click here to enter your password.

Play the “13th Game” of the Library Olympics

Did you solve the final puzzle?

Twenty things you just read,
Twenty things Mr. Lemoncello said,
Were once not allowed to be read
Because of what other people said.

If so, send an email with your list of the twenty things—and what they all have in common—to and find out if you are a true champion of intellectual freedom!

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Book Trailer Outtakes and Extended Cut

Chris playing Risk

Chris has always loved playing board games. Here he is, home from college on winter break, playing RISK with his four brothers and two future sisters-in-law.

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