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No Is All I Know!

A picture book about the power of YES!

Available May 16, 2023

Do you know someone like Oliver McSnow who only knows the word NO?!

Introducing a brand new story about the AMAZING power of YES! This universally relatable picture book about toddlerhood from the New York Times bestselling team behind NO MORE NAPS! will elicit laughs from kids and their grown-ups everywhere!

Oliver McSnow ONLY says NO. To everything! He says NO so much that his NO starts to grow. And grow and GROW until that NO is out of control. No baths. No brushing teeth. No cleaning up. No bedtime. Morning, noon, and night it’s just NO, NO, NOOOOOOO!

But then Oliver’s cousin visits. Jess loves the word YES. YES to friends! YES to food! YES to fun! YES, YES, YES, YES, YESSSSSSS!

Suddenly, Oliver’s whole world gets opened up in a most wonderful, positive way!


“Say yes to each reread of this one.”
—Kirkus Reviews (read full review)

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