Treasure Hunters: Secret of the Forbidden City

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Co-authored with James Patterson

Treasure Hunters: Secret of the Forbidden City

Book 3

The Kidds—treasure hunting family extraordinaire—are heading to China, on a journey that will lead them beyond the Great Wall and into the underbelly of Berlin!

Bick and Beck Kidd are desperately trying to secure the ancient Chinese artifact that will buy their mother’s freedom from renegade pirates. But when the kidnappers force them to locate an even greater treasure—priceless paintings stolen by Nazis, the Kidds must rely on their own cunning and experience to outwit the criminals—all while their mom’s life is on the line.

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“The first books my son could not put down. He took them wherever we had to go!”
—Love Shoes, Amazon reviewer
“Great book. I didn’t want to put it down to do stuff. I just wanted to read it over and over again.”
—Malissia, Goodreads reviewer
“It was by far the best book I have ever read!!! I love the suspense. I could not put it down. Literally.”
—Charlie, Goodreads reviewer

Treasure Hunters Series

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