Black Heart Crypt

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Haunted Mystery Series

The Black Heart Crypt

Book 4

Agatha Award Winner, Best Children’s/Young Adult Novel


Halloween. Dressing up, eating candy, carving pumpkins, and going to parties.

Most kids’ favorite night of the year.

Not Zack Jennings.

Zack knows that on Halloween, the veil separating the ghostly plane from the human world is very, very thin. Powerful spirits can cross over and do some serious mischief.

In this fourth volume of Chris Grabenstein’s popular Haunted Mysteries series, Zack must once again do battle with malevolent spirits. With the assistance of three dotty aunts (and their crazy cats), he must also save his town from a 200-year-old threat.

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“Through flurries of ultra-short chapters, events spiral to a suspenseful climax.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“It’s a well-plotted story with high-stakes consequences that should insure fans’ continued investment in Zack’s adventures.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Gruesome, hilarious, and truly scary… a great read-aloud for Halloween… The story is set in contemporary New England… but the horror is timeless.”
“The action-packed short chapters and vivid imagery will make this book an easy sell to young teens and reluctant readers, even if they haven’t read the previous books in the series.”
—School Library Journal
“Chris Grabenstein fills his characters with plenty of humor and realistic situations, even among the ghosts and mysteries…. This is a strong series to be enjoyed by both boys and girls, as well as adults.”

Haunted Mysteries Series

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