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Zombie Awakening

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Haunted Mystery Series

The Zombie Awakening

Book 3

Originally published as The Smoky Corridor


Zack Jennings is finally starting at his new school. Never enjoyable in the best of circumstances, what with homework and cafeteria food, it doesn’t help that Zack has no friends and is already the target of the school bully. At least his history teacher is nice…and it’s her first year, too!

But for Zack there are added circumstances: a soul-sucking zombie living under the school, a ruthless hit man looking for buried treasure, and a voodoo-savvy ghost waiting to take over a new body.

Chris Grabenstein has once again created a creep-fest of chills and fun as the intrepid Zack and Zipper find themselves in a maze of twists and turns, dead ends, and very unpleasant booby traps.

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Haunted Mysteries Series

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